How To Write An Effective Influencer Brief
Mar 2021

Influencer marketing is a great way to advertise your company and product, but before you can jump into a partnership, you would have to settle down on an influencer brief to lay down the groundwork and rules for this potential partnership. Here are some important tips and tricks to write your influencer brief so that this influencer marketing partnership can run smoothly on both ends. 

Outline the goals and objectives clearly

There is so much more to marketing and advertising than what catches your eye at first glance. For example, you may want to increase brand awareness, generate hype and interest around your product. Or, you may be interested in generating conversions or point of purchase. And in other cases, it could be as simple as generating more traffic to your website. Whatever the case may be, remember to communicate that goals and objectives clearly to your influencer, so that your influencer can adapt their strategy in product promotion to meet your needs.

Specify the expectations clearly

Outline the expectations clearly, such as inputting a hashtag or relevant hyperlinks that link viewers to your webpage or product page to learn more about the service. The influencer needs to know this so that they can decide how best to advertise your product and meet your expectations. 

Provide context around your ad

You cannot just simply put up a product advertisement and expect to gain a huge following, because you used an influencer with it. Try to make the advertisement fit within the culture of the influencer’s content. A random advertisement on an influencer’s page may lose interest or engagement from the audience, and can also be a sign of a turn-off. Try to make the advertisement trendy or relevant to the influencer’s content.

Let the influencer have creative control

Your job is not to create content for the influencer. The influencer should have creative control over the content that they produce. After all, you were the one that reached out to them because you believe that they were a perfect fit for your brand. So, your job is to take a step back and let the influencer continue producing the content the way that they would like and try their best to incorporate your product into their content.