Instagram Stories
Apr 2021

Wenjun Liu

Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are a quick, easy way to share moments and experiences. Brands can leverage this feature to help promote their brand awareness and their products/services online. Here are a few benefits and potential uses of Instagram stories that brands can use to increase their social media presence. 


Brands can use Instagram stories to bring their company to life, such as sharing daily highlights or breakthroughs that you would probably not share as the actual content on your page. Stories can be used as a way to show the day-to-day operations of the company and make the company be transparent in their communication. 


Brands can leverage Instagram stories to be more interactive with their audience and followers. For example, Instagram stories allow you to set up polls, so that you can collect information from your audience about their thoughts on your product or service. In addition, Instagram stories have the “Reply Feature”, where you can ask a simple question and can collect various audience reactions and opinions on your product or service. 


Instagram stories are similar to Snapchat’s story highlights, in that it is meant to be short and fits along with the paradigm that people naturally have short attention spans. Users can see the stories and do not have to commit extensively to digest all the material, compared to IGTV content.