Most Popular IGTV Brand Content
Mar 2021

IGTV is a feature introduced on Instagram in mid-2018, that allows content creators to publish a video longer than 30 seconds, giving brands the perfect opportunity to sponsor and advertise their product or service, as there are so many possibilities of content that a digital marketer can produce on a phone. 


Some of the more popular and successful IGTV that companies have implemented are the following:

  • Full production cycle of the product being made: This would give the viewers a behind-the-scenes look at how the product from your company is being made. It allows transparency in communication between the company and the audience, and gives the audience greater insight on what the business operations behind the company can look like. You can also sprinkle in a special announcement for any exciting and new product features or updates in the company, generating more hype.
  • Panels or Interviews with Executives or Employees: This also establishes a level of trust and relationship-building within the company and the followers. The followers can ask questions to the executives, and it avoids making the company be seen as cold or isolating, as they are willing to open their doors and answer any questions that a customer may have. 
  • Product walk-throughs: Give a step-by-step tutorial on a hard feature that a lot of consumers may struggle with, since it acknowledges that the company has been listening to the types of problems that customers may have with the product. In addition, a product walk-through can introduce a feature that not a lot of people or consumers may know about the product, which could also generate more interest around it.