Short videos vs Long Videos
Apr 2021

Does length of the video matter? Is it better to produce long videos or short videos? Yes, and it depends. Here we break down the benefits of producing a long or short video on your social media page. 


Long videos

Long videos can be effective for more detailed information and instruction. For example, if you would like to discuss a product breakdown, longer videos are better to describe every single product feature, so that the viewer is informed of the product. This can be utilized as simply a product description video or a product demonstration video. In addition, longer videos are preferable when it comes to more educational content. An example can be assembling the product yourself or walking through a recipe. Longer videos can outline each specific step more clearly, and can help the viewers understand the necessary steps to recreate the food or product themselves. 


Short videos

Short videos are more effective for attention-grabbing and advertisement videos. In today’s digital world, where consumers are easily distracted by the thousands or millions of ads that they see on a weekly basis, shorter videos are much better to get your name across and to capture the audience's attention. In fact, many social media platforms, such as Instagram and TikTok, have adapted their social media platform to accommodate for the short attention span. Research has suggested that videos under 2 minutes have achieved the best engagement rates, so if you would want to spread awareness to a brand and cast a larger net, shorter videos may be the route to go. 


Whether you would want to create a longer or shorter video, understand what goals and metrics each video in their instance can achieve.