Dodger Stadium 2021 Personal Experience
Jul 2021

Have you visited Dodger Stadium since its reopening? Since the 56,000 capacity stadium has reopened, plenty of new things to try such as their Augmented Reality Dugout Photobooth and new eateries like Shake Shack! Here is a recap of our first time at the park since its reopening and what we thought about the current state of Dodger Stadium.


    Once we got into the park, we walked around to see the variety of foods that Dodger Stadium offers such as BBQ ribs, Shake Shack, California Pizza Kitchen, vegan options, and even Asian food. As someone who just went to Dodger Stadium for their first time, one of the most interesting things that caught my attention were the introduction of Shake Shack as well as the Hitejinro Soju Bar. I think Dodger Stadium offering such a diverse array of food really displays Los Angeles at its finest, a culmination of diverse cultures at its best.

    Personally, I chose to go along with getting a Dodger Dog as it was my first time and I felt it was appropriate to try something so many others have been a fan of. To skip the wait time, I utilized the Postmates app and picked up the order when it was ready at their Postmates stand. It was incredibly convenient and quick and allowed me to get back to my seat in time at the bottom of the fifth inning. The field itself was beautiful and it caught my attention during sunset as it only then became apparent to me how grandeur it feels to be a part of a Dodgers game.

      It would not be a proper visit without some photos and picking up some Dodger merch to remember the experience of a lifetime! The Augmented Reality Dugout Photobooth had quite the wait so instead I chose to explore around Center Pavilion and even took one of my favorite photos to encapsulate the day. Prior to the game, I have never properly watched a baseball game. After getting to be a part of the experience in person, I can say that it has definitely drawn me more into the sport and now look forward to attending future MLB games in Dodger Stadium!