Engaging Your Audience on Social Media
Jun 2021

Engaging your audience on social media has been one of the most important ways to retain and grow engagement to ultimately expand your brand presence online. This can range from liking or replying to comments, posting content consistently, or even answering direct messages (DMs) on a brand's social media account.

Ideas to Engage Your Audience 

Unsure and don't know where to start with how to engage your social media audience? Here are some topics we recommend for building a conversation online! 

  • Recognize Your Team: Making connections is what marketing is all about. When you include your team members, you demonstrate to your fans that you're more than just a logo - you're a real bunch of individuals working hard to make your brand and product unique.
    Create a series that highlights each member of your team so that your audience can learn more about who they are and what they do. Ask questions that bring out personality like, “Where would you travel to if you could go anywhere in the world?”. These types of inquiries will elicit responses that will highlight the characteristics of your staff. After that, request that they supply a photo of themselves. It may also be amusing to have them bring an embarrassing photo from their youth. In any case, a plan like this one that showcases your staff will transform your brand from a faceless entity to one that has many people behind it, all of whom are relatable.
  • Show Off Testimonials: One of the most effective ways of gaining interests in the future is through  referrals. Share testimonials on social media to show your followers how much your customers adore you or your brand, and develop visuals to go along with them to make the post even more appealing. Your customers' testimonials are important not only when it comes to social media strategy, but also on your website.
  • Create Graphics for Certain Content: Your content, page, and brand will be more captivating with unique pictures in your social media updates. Many businesses use stock photos for blog articles and social media graphics because it saves them time and effort. This, though, can backfire and isn't always the most effective approach to communicate what a piece is about.

    Instead, look into design tools, hire a designer to produce distinctive photos for your blog entries, or do it yourself with Canva. People are more likely to remember visuals than text, so be bold and vivid. By making your image intuitive, visitors will get a sense of what your content is about.