How Influencers Use or Create Hashtags
May 2021

Hashtags are a feature that have long been in the presence of social media, allowing content creators to make content easier for the public and search engines alike to find their content. They give brands multiple opportunities to establish their online presence while also being able to increase traffic towards their product or service. Brands utilize hashtags to create a community, establish their vision or mission statement, and to advertise to the right audience.


Using Popular Hashtags:

  • Makes your content more discoverable: This gives the viewers to find your content despite not being a follower. This also helps influencers when they are searching through popular hashtags to find brands they are interested in working with. 
  • Puts your brand in front of your target audience: Hashtags are necessary to expand your Instagram audience. When post using a hashtag, your content appears for those who follow the hashtag, allowing for your post to appear in their feed even if they don’t follow your brand.


Creating A Hashtag:

  • Keeping it simple and authentic: Making sure your hashtags are concise and easy for others to understand will allow for the public to follow the essence of your brand. Incorporating a call-to-action makes a hashtag more effective as it makes them easier to remember. Think #ShareaCoke, #JustDoIt, or even #ShareYourEars!
  • Using it consistently: Using your hashtag whenever possible is the best way to creating a consistent community and target audience for your brand. Some examples include using the hashtag in your bio, at the end of a post's caption, or even in official statements.


Gordon Ramsay of Hell's Kitchen promoting #HellsKitchen on Instagram