Should you consider going on Instagram Live for your brand?
Mar 2021


Instagram Live is a feature in Instagram where you can host a video session and interact with your followers live. Not all brands have tried or even considered using Instagram Live to promote their brand. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider using Instagram Live for brand promotion: 


Building that culture of intimacy

You can interact with the people, get to know them, and interact with the individuals to establish a level of intimacy, trust, and transparency in communication between the brand and the people. You can also answer any questions that people may have about your product in real-time, so it reflects significantly on the company’s reputation if you are addressing people’s concerns. 


Supports Instagram’s algorithm

More interaction with the individuals supports Instagram’s algorithm of increasing engagement with followers and prevent your account from being blocked from suspicious behavior. More interaction in Instagram Live demonstrates that you do have an authentic and real business running on Instagram. 


Very cheap

You do not need to go extravagant in the production, compared to television commercials, in which it would take months to write a script, think of ideas, and execute it. Therefore, going on Instagram Live, you pick out a time of day that is optimal to host a video session and advertise your product. Hence, it is definitely a cheaper alternative than the ads that you see on television. 


Special guest

Instagram Live offers this feature where you can invite others into your live session to surprise your followers with special guests or celebrities, and these guests can help advertise your brand with their testimonials. You can also leverage the special guest appearance to build hype for your live session by posting a series of posts, announcing who is the special guest and when is the date of the live session so that people can come in and listen to what the guest has to say about the product.