Strategy 101: How to Build a Consistent Brand and Following
Jun 2021

One of the most important aspects of being a successful influencer is building your personal brand and following. What does this mean exactly? This means establishing a niche content pillar, which helps build a strong bond and relationship with the audience. 

Building a niche content pillar 

Establishing niche content is vital to successfully build a brand and following since that is how large followings are created and grown over time. It can be difficult to set a certain style of content at first, but it is the most efficient and effective way to build a following and loyal audience. 

Engage with your audience 

On top of having a certain style of content, it is important to build a strong bond with the audience. This means replying to comments, adjusting content based on feedback, and going live on social media platforms to answer questions the audience may have. This may seem simple and self-explanatory, but creating a strong bond with your audience ensures a loyal and personal following.