The Emergence of TikTok in Influencer Marketing
Jun 2021

TikTok is a social media platform that is used to make a variety of short-form videos. TikTok is named as the fastest growing social media platform of all time; in the first quarter of 2020, TikTok achieved around 315 million downloads. On top of that, TikTok is seen as one of the most interactive and influential social media platforms due to the number of people the app can reach, and the different types of categories that are presented through the platform. With the growth of TikTok, this social media platform became a game-changer for digital and social media marketing.

Why does TikTok Marketing work? 

From big corporations to small businesses, TikTok can advertise products and services to millions of people all over the world in a matter of hours. Many people may view TikTok as a social media platform for the younger generation, but nearly 38% of TikTok users in the US are over the age of 30. With that being said, many products and services can be reached by consumers who spend their time on TikTok’s main feed, which is the for you page (fyp). TikTok marketing is seen as so successful and effective due to how the product is marketed. TikTok is an app that allows users to create fun and interactive short videos, which is a game changer for traditional advertisements.

How does TikTok Marketing work?

Now that we know the power of TikTok in digital and social media marketing, how can one utilize it? TikTok includes many categories from food, interior design, second hand fashion, dancing, and many more. To pull a successful TikTok marketing strategy, one must understand who they are targeting and how to grab the target audience’s attention. For example, if you were advertising a jewelry line targeted towards young teens, it would be a smart idea to advertise the product through sponsoring a TikToker who is famous among the target audience. TikTok marketing is so versatile because the form of the app allows videos to be seen to other audiences through the for you page.