What is a Social Media Takeover?
Jun 2021

Social media takeovers have been increasingly popular in influencer marketing as companies strive to create unique content and keep their audience engaged. With the increased use of social media platforms in the past couple of years, companies are starting to pay influencers to “take over” their social media accounts, usually for a day. 

Importance of Hosting a Social Media Takeover 

So, why exactly are companies hiring influencers to “take over” their social media platforms? There are three main reasons why companies hire influencers to host a social media takeover. 

  • Building brand awareness: Social media takeovers are an essential part of both increasing and building a company’s brand presence. Takeovers are essential to building and maintaining brand awareness due to the new audiences they can reach. For example, an influencer can promote certain brands and products through their target audience, which drives traffic and engagement to the company’s brand. 
  • Creative & interactive content: Although social media takeovers are a fairly new marketing tactic for company’s, there is a reason why companies approach influencers to host social media takeovers. Social media takeovers are not a standard type of advertising, but it is a unique way to promote products and services. Whether it’s promoting the products through filming a vlog or challenge, it is a distinctive and memorable way to leave product reviews.  
  • Establishing community & personal relationships: Influencers are starting to become popular due to the community and connections they build by sharing their personal lives and experiences they share with their audience. With influencers hosting a social media takeover, brands can seem more personable and engaging by putting a spokesperson to represent their brand and products.