We create, customize and optimize a unique, personalized website that drives online traffic and interactions - ultimately increasing your marketability, impressions, and key metrics. All websites are updated weekly - from new content to events, collaborations and even merchandise.

* Your website portfolio will capture the attentions of brands driven to you through SEO, google search, and link-to-link - leading to more opportunities for growth and collaborations & sponsorships

* Our team analyzes your platform analytics monthly to pin-point areas that could improve.


Through our various partners and connections, we explore opportunities for you so that you can focus on your content fully. Our matches are based on compatibility between you and the brand/sponsor.

* Whether you are a well-known influencer or a micro-influencer, we gather prospects for the best fit.

* We analyze your CPM, ROI, impressions, and other insights to improve conversion efficiency.

* We prioritize maintaining your brand persona, protecting your privacy, and negotiating the best terms & conditions.

* We produce creative sponsorship campaigns to capture and appeal to brands to maintain a long-term relationship.


We foster networking amongst our influencers for collaborations and coordinate events with our influencer team and partnered brands to provide fresh content that maximizes exposure.

*toastaio has access to tons of viral & exciting events and festivals, including special events hosted by us!

*Through networking and events, our influencers will be able to provide new content and gain new exposure by networking with other influencers and brands, possibly tapping into new audience, along with countless opportunities to potential sponsorships.


We explore, manage, and execute merchandising solutions for your brand through our list of wholesale connections.

*Our team will work with you to brainstorm unique designs that leave a lasting impressions on customers and audiences.

*Our merchandise will be up to date keeping up with currents trends, events and seasons.

*We provide giveaways to maximize your content.

*All merchandise propositions will be risk-free and covered by toastaio (inventory, shipping, marketing, etc.)

*Our team will closely monitor your merchandise performance weekly.


You have our undivided attention and support in each and every endeavor. So whatever you need, we are one email, text, or call away. Upon joining our team, we immediately provide you with an updated media kit and start incorporating your highlights in our weekly business proposals to begin our journey together. We can’t wait to show you what we can do for you!

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